Nancy Evaluation

This class was fun. I don’t like photography, but Nancy made it fun and interesting. I struggled with all of the assignments because we jumped in pretty fast and I had no idea how to use a camera. But Nancy clearly isn’t a tough grader because I got As and my photos sucked. Anyway, loved the class. Only complaint is the environmental project. Just needed more time. I work 3 jobs and take 4 classes. It was extremely hard to make time for two students in one week. Especially because of conflicting schedules. Otherwise, enjoyed everything. And Nancy is pretty badass.


Blog Evaluation

My two favorite assignments were MOPA and the photo booth project. I really loved the MOPA assignment because it allowed me to get creative off of my inspiration. I spent a lot of time and energy on these photos and they turned out exactly how I wanted them to. I also loved the photo booth project, even though I had to do it twice… I mainly enjoyed socializing with people and I love a challenge. My least favorite was Walnut Grove Park. I did not like this assignment because the lighting was terrible, I was still very new to camera settings, and I felt there was nothing interesting to capture. I am extremely thankful for this class. I learned so much about cameras and photography, and I look forward to taking the advanced class next semester. 🙂


I made my photobook a compilation of my favorite photos from my trip to Europe in 2016. As you’ll see in the book, I visited five different countries and was able to experience this with a group of my friends. I was excited about this project because I had been wanting to put these photos into a book that I’d be able to share with friends and family.


Honestly, I’m taking an L on this assignment because I didn’t understand it all that much, I have no clue how to even attempt at Photoshop, and I spent so much time focused on the MOPA assignment that I did not save much time for this one. These photos were captured with a slow shutter speed at night and I put them through Lightroom. I added grain and some other filters to make them look old and ghostly. That is all.


On Tuesday April 2nd, 2019, Clarissa, Haley, Nathan, and I went to Balboa Park in San Diego to visit the Museum of Photographic Arts. I have visited this museum before for a class at Palomar College, so it was nice to return to see new exhibits. We began with the first exhibit, “Defining Space/Place: Contemporary Photography from Australia”. This exhibit featured photoshopped, pictorialism style photos of trees and birds, explosions, aliens, etc. Other photos in this exhibit featured women covered in flowers. Everything about these photos were floral, including the clothes the women were wearing, the background, and the actual flowers surrounding them. The flowers in these photos are part of my inspiration for the above pictures. The next exhibit we walked through was called “Hidden Worlds” and this featured spirit photography. It is obvious the shutter speed was slowed down to achieve the blurred motion in the shots. I also slowed down the shutter speed on my camera to achieve this look in my photos. Another series of photos in the Defining Space/Place exhibit, by Hoda Afshar, featured half naked men in foggy, steamy restroom mirrors. These photos were my biggest inspiration for this project because I captured my subject in front of a foggy mirror as well as in a bath tub of black water. I incorporated flower petals and a slow shutter speed to really bring out the ideas from this exhibition into my work. The last exhibit we walked through was called “Talking with a Friend: Portraits by Bern Schwartz”. Schwartz captured portraits of important and or famous figures, all in black and white. Haley pointed out how interesting it was that none of these people looked into the camera. This inspired me to have my subject looking away from the camera. This was my favorite photo assignment thus far because I was able to push boundaries and get extremely creative with it. The photos within MOPA allowed me to discover a dark side in photography and capture that. Also, I know we were to post 5 photos, but I could not decide on my favorite 5, so I posted all of them.

Photo Booth Project

Haley and I completed our photo booth project on Monday, April 8th in Carlsbad. We chose to use the popular sleeping tiger mural as our backdrop because it is a high traffic area and many people stop there to have their picture taken. We thought using this mural as our backdrop would be very unique. Haley made a sign letting pedestrians and cars in the surrounding area know that we were photography students from California State University San Marcos and that we needed help with a project for school. Initially, this assignment was quite daunting and we thought it would be very difficult for us each to capture 20-30 different people on our cameras. What was discouraging was the amount of people that said no or that would not even stop to hear what we were doing. It is a lot harder than you would think because most people walk by and do not care to listen to us let alone stop. What allowed us to get these pictures was the people that stopped initially. More people were comfortable stopping for a picture when they noticed others doing it. Many people wanted a picture on their phones, but liked the idea of having a picture taken on a nice camera. I made little cards with our school name and blog links so that people could view their pictures later. This also really helped because people could see what we were doing with their photos. This was not an easy task, but it was fun to speak to all the locals and even some people who were visiting from out of state. It was also fun to see where people gravitated towards on the mural itself. It was also interesting to see how the mural moved from picture to picture because each person had a preference as to where they stood in front of the mural.

Night Photography

I took these photos at my apartment complex on Thursday evening, March 28. I used a tripod and natural light to take these photos. I shot in AV Mode and felt it allowed for my photos to turn out better than in Manual. It was cold and I feel my subjects are boring, so I didn’t like this shoot.